What’s happening at our houseĀ 

Well, it’s been a few days since I updated, and lots has been happening! 

I had my first postpartum checkup, and checked out great! My stitches are still not totally dissolved, but I’m all healed up down south, which is awesome news. I have some other silly birth injuries that we’re going to keep an eye on (like my knees aching from pulling back on my legs while pushing. So weird!), but I’m feeling optimistic that I’ll be back to myself physically before too long. It may take some physical therapy interventions for the various minor birth injuries, but that’s no biggie.

Lewis skipped his nap one day at school this week. First time he has ever done that, and it wasn’t the disaster we anticipated! He was definitely a little moodier that evening, and needed an earlier bedtime, but wow! He mostly kept it together! I know he won’t nap forever, but I do hope he keeps it up a little bit longer. I have to admit, though, that it is very comforting to know that he can get through a napless day, so we don’t have to stress so much about the nap schedule. Good accidental information!

Ellen is still a crazy newborn – unpredictable and adorable. This evening she had her first meltdown with seemingly endless crying. Kyle and I think she was over tired from being awake a lot during the day. 3.5 weeks isn’t a bad stretch without epic baby cries, so I’m not complaining! It was, however, quite jarring to suddenly hear my peaceful baby screech like that. Broke my heart!

I’m still camping out in Ellen’s room at night. I don’t feel like I can leave her because she’s still got this projectile vomit habit that freaks me out. She vomits exorcist-style at least once a day (usually more), and if it happened to be at night, I would not want to be far away. 

The whole vomit thing is actually causing me quite a bit of anxiety, making it hard for me to want to go anywhere with her or even have her with me in bed or on the couch, lest she vomit somewhere that isn’t easily cleaned. Like the car. Ugh… literally had to disassemble the carseat and hose it down the other day. She can launch that vomit several feet, and in large volumes to boot! It ain’t pretty. 

Her sleep pattern leaves something to be desired still, probably because she still thinks she needs to eat every 30-90 minutes. I suppose that’s to be expected at this age, but it is tricky to navigate with late morning and daytime sleep harder to come by with a toddler in the house. With just one kid, I could weather the early morning wake-ups by staying in bed until the kid fell back asleep. I would be in bed until 11 am some days when Lewis was an infant! No such luxury with Ellen, since big bro gets up at 630 and then it is go time.

The nice thing is, my body is handling the fatigue better this time. It remembers this and I feel less destroyed. Still totally exhausted, but ultimately I always get up and moving and find that I am alright. 

That’s all the update I have in me for now. Until next time!