The return of the vomit

It was a good run.

The vomit has returned.

First appearance was Friday (yesterday) morning. Laundry followed.

Then we went all day with just little spit-ups before another lovely episode in the evening.

Sweet girl puked everywhere, all over us and the couch. I left Kyle to clean the couch while I went upstairs to strip both myself and the baby and get her into the bath and start more laundry. 

Ellen slept through her whole bath. She briefly awoke while I dressed her, then fell asleep while I got ready for bed. She stayed asleep as I swaddled her and didn’t wake up again until after midnight for a feeding, which we just finished. Puking must have been exhausting!

She had a pretty big spit-up after this feeding, but so far hasn’t vomited again. She seems to be back asleep, but I’m snuggling her a little more before putting her down just in case.

Vomit is never fun, but I’m extra bummed this time because after the 4 day break I was starting to relax and feel like I might be ready to leave her alone in her room at night and relocate back to my own bed. But now I am not so sure I’m there. I’ll keep thinking on it and see where I end up. Tricky, all these feelings!

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