1 month checkup

Ellen had her 1 month checkup today, and folks, we’ve got a healthy girl on our hands!

Sweet girl is 13 lbs even, which puts her off the charts (again!). She’s also 23 inches tall, putting her in the 98th percentile. Her head is in the 88th percentile. So she’s huge, but proportionate, which is what you want!

Doctor said all reflexes were good, eyes were tracking like they should, heart sounded normal, etc. You can bet this mama was happy to hear all that!

They had to redo her foot poke because it was messed up at her last visit, but girlfriend didn’t even flinch! Not so much as a squeak! No shame in crying when someone stabs you with a needle, but I was pretty impressed with how she kept her composure.

It’s officially official – Ellen is heavier than most 3 month size clothes recommend on the tags, so I have added “switch out Ellen’s clothes” to my to do list. I was waiting for the official weigh-in to confirm that she had passed the threshold because I wasn’t sure if I was imagining things. Her pants still fit pretty well, but a lot of her onesies are a tight squeeze, so it was a mixed bag confusing me a little. I guess we’ll do a phase-out/in – shirts first, then pants as needed.

My mom accompanied us to the appointment today, and we spent some time at her house afterwards. She made an interesting suggestion that I’m mulling over – namely that perhaps Ellen needs both breasts at her feedings. I was so milky when I was feeding Lewis that he could never handle both breasts. But I’ve deliberately tried to be much more controlled this time around, so my overproduction days were limited. However, I am still milky enough that Ellen has always seemed satisfied after one breast to me. Plus, she’s growing like a weed, indicating that she’s getting what she needs.

Ellen asked for more milk after only 40 mins while we were at my mom’s house, and that’s when the suggestion from my mom came. My mom’s theory is that perhaps Ellen would stay full longer and I would get a break from the rapid-fire feeding cycle if I gave her both breasts at once.

She may be onto something there, but I’m a bit nervous to try it out because so many people have gotten in my head about the possible cause of Ellen’s projectile vomiting being “over-feeding”. We all know how I feel about the projectile vomiting, so I’m not keen on doing anything that might cause an “episode”.

I guess I have some thinking to do there. Ellen is happy, (temporarily) full, and clearly growing and gaining weight. So there is nothing to suggest that changing things up is necessary. But wouldn’t it be nice to have longer between feedings? Yes, yes it would.

So proud of my big girl. My babies can be whatever size they’re supposed to be, and I’ll always be proud, as long as they’re healthy. So grow grow grow, my babies! Grow!!!