Ellen weighs in at just over 16 lbs. My two favorite brands of clothes for her start the 6-9 month size at 17 lbs, but we’ve fully made the switch in tops because Ellen’s torso is very long. We’ve switched some of her pants too – because she’s fat – but she has short legs, so they’re all too long.

Anyway, the point of this post is that I don’t know what to do for Ellen’s wardrobe. I have already come across 4 tops in her new size that I can’t even get on her. I can’t even get some of them past her hands, others get stuck further up the arm.

I’m so frustrated! We have all these cute clothes that I love, and she is breezing through them before she can even wear them. 

It feels so wasteful, for starters, but the emotional loss is worse. I’ve been looking forward to her wearing these clothes since we got them, and they’re too small on literally our first attempt at putting her in them.

This feels like it defies physics. It certainly defies logic. And I find it very upsetting. 

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