Lewis’ 2.5 year appointment

We had Lewis’ 2.5 year appointment this morning, and I just want to start out by saying…


Ellen screamed the entire time we were there, but other than that minor (loud) blip, I only have good news. You may recall that Lewis was a bit of an “under-performer” in the weight department at his 2 year appointment. You may even recall that we were told he would need to see some specialists to help him gain weight if we didn’t see a more healthy trajectory by 2.5 years.

Well, people. I repeat: YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!

Lewis’ height slowed down a bit, which is unconcerning. It seems that his weight and height were just evening out to a more proportionate ratio, and the doctor was so, so pleased with his growth. No specialists needed!

Weight: 29 lbs, 38th percentile (up from 14th)

Height: almost 36 inches, 40th percentile (down from 68th)

BMI: 40th percentile (up from sub-2nd percentile!)

I am so very proud of my little buddy. We’ve put the perfect storm of ear infections, teething, and power struggles behind us, and now getting enough sustenance is no longer an issue. Lewis is growing, and is back on his own personal healthy trajectory. Like I’ve said before, I don’t care what size he is, as long as he is healthy. And today’s appointment says he is!

In the interest of staying healthy, Lewis also got a flu shot today, which warrants almost no mention because it was such a non-issue. He just laid down, got poked, and then accepted his stickers and lollipop. Didn’t even flinch. Not a single tear. I was so grateful to only have one screaming child, you have no idea.

Obviously, Lewis is a badass. But I also take some credit for his reaction to the shot because of the way I prepared him for it. I made him come with me and Kyle when we got ours, so he saw us handle it like no big deal. And then I reminded him all morning that it was going to happen by casually mentioning it in the list of things that were going to happen at the doctor’s office, and then reminding him that mommy and daddy did it and that it was just a poke, no big deal. He would respond with a shrug and say, “no big deal! just a poke!”, so I knew the message had gotten in his head. And sure enough, it was no big deal!

I’m breathing a big sigh of relief today. Proud mama right here!