Whoa, girl!

Ellen took a little trip to the doctor today to get checked for an ear infection. She has had a cold for a week-ish, and over the weekend her snot turned colors and she started tugging on her ear. Despite missing symptoms like fever and grumpiness, I thought it was best to see if the doctor wanted to check her out.

The doctor did, since we can’t ask Ellen how she is feeling. So just to be safe, we went in this afternoon.

Ellen does not have an ear infection. The doctor thinks she is just experiencing some pressure from her cold, which has led her to pull on her ear. Phew!

The doctor also diagnosed me with Ear Infection PTSD from Lewis. HA! I told her I was very comfortable with that diagnosis, and we shared a good laugh.

I was quite relieved that my paranoia was unfounded, and I was happy to go in simply because I got to apply some meaning to Ellen’s actions. It helps me understand her better, and hopefully be better prepared next time she is sick when she does the same things.

Bonus: Ellen got weighed and measured. In the last 1.5 months, she has gained 2.25 lbs (nearly doubling her birth weight!), and has grown nearly THREE whole inches. That really blows my mind. Three inches in 1.5 months. When will Her Royal Roundness slow down!?