4 month checkup

Ellen had her 4 month checkup this morning, and she’s a rockstar! She got her shots and barely cried, and weighed in at 19 lbs 2 oz (99th percentile) and 27.3 inches tall (99th percentile). She’s perfectly proportionate and very healthy.

Ellen does have a very minor infection in her belly button, so we’ll be applying antibiotic cream to that. But it isn’t really concerning. She also has some mild eczema, which the doc just said to keep putting baby Cetaphil on. If either her belly button or her dry patches get red or peely/pussy, we have to go back for some stronger ointments, but that’s about the worst that could happen. So that’s all fine!

I also asked about the little white spot on Ellen’s gums, since no tooth has shown up yet. Guess what! Doc says it isn’t a tooth whitecap afterall. It’s just some sort of normal little blemish on her gums that will resolve on its own. She said when it first appeared, Ellen was probably uncomfortable as it was forming, but it shouldn’t bother her now. So that explains why she was so grumpy on Halloween, but has been basically fine since.

Developmentally, Ellen is hitting all her milestones. Nothing extraordinary to report. She’s right on track!

That’s about it for Ellen’s appointment, but I’d like to share a couple other short bonus updates.

  1. Lewis pooped on the potty again yesterday! Two days of potty training, two days pooping in the potty! Go, buddy!
  2. My 30-workouts-in-30-days challenge is over, and it didn’t go according to plan. I did 22 workouts in 30 days, which is pretty good, but definitely not what I had in mind. I ended up getting sick, and that sort of stopped me in my tracks. Between the sleep deprivation and my own illness and the holidays…well, I didn’t meet the goal. My whole “I can do anything for 30 days” slogan turned out to be wholly inaccurate, but I still lost about 3 lbs, which is more than most people can say over the holidays. So I’ll take it! No use being hard on myself for “failing”, when really I came out of it with a win.

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