Roly Poly

Ellen rolled from back to front last night! We knew it was imminent, and yesterday was the big day.

I’m a little bummed though, because no one saw it happen! We were all right next to her, but no one was looking. I had put her down on her back, and a couple minutes later I looked down and she was on her tummy.

Like magic!!

She likes to be on her tummy, so she didn’t get sad or make any noise when she landed. She was happily playing like it was no big deal.

Super proud mommy!

Other updates: Lewis is doing awesome at potty training. He wears undies some days, pull ups others, and he only infrequently has accidents.

Ellen is sleeping terribly. We had a good week of 1-2 wakings (mostly 1!), and now we’re going on a week of 3+ (mostly 4) wakings. I am suffering through it, but boy. It isn’t easy.

We’ve had some battles with Lewis’s bedtime lately. He has been taking forever to fall asleep and getting up out of his bed when he isn’t supposed to. Those are new problems, which means we are back to the drawing board, looking for new tricks and techniques. It is getting better with some hard work. Just like everything else we’ve faced, we will figure this one out too. There’s always a new challenge with kids!

That’s the major stuff. And it is all I have time for. Time to get the day rolling!

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