6 month checkup

Ellen had her 6 month checkup yesterday. She is healthy as a horse, and nearly as big as one too!

The official weigh in was 21.1 lbs, and she is 28.5 inches tall, both at the very top of the charts.

The doctor advised me to stop feeding the beast at night time unless she absolutely demands it and won’t sleep without it. And even then, only once per night maximum. That’s what my gut had been telling me to do anyway, so it was nice to have my instincts backed up.

HOWEVER! Ellen wouldn’t stay asleep last night after waking until I finally gave in and fed her. She kept falling back asleep and waking up as soon as I would put her down. But when I fed her? Zonked for 5 hours. Pretty hard to cut that night feeding out entirely at this point, if she literally will not sleep without it!

Ellen also got 4 shots and an oral vaccine and was a tough girl. She cried for a bit and then as soon as I picked her up, she was fine again. Didn’t seem to have any adverse reactions throughout the day/night afterwards either, which was delightful.

Lastly, Ellen got rave reviews on her developmental milestones. I was actually a tiny bit concerned because she isn’t rolling (queen of inertia!) even though she’s shown that she can. But the doctor didn’t react at all to that news, and said Ellen was doing everything she was supposed to be.

Proud mama!!