Today I went to my monthly mommy bunco group and Kyle stayed home with the kiddos. I have been doing this every month for a while, the first Sunday afternoon of each month.

Historically, Ellen has screamed the entire time I was away, which has taken away from the fun for me, because I am constantly worried about her and poor Kyle, and feeling immensely guilty.

Not today, folks! Ellen didn’t cry at all the whole time I was gone and she took her entire bottle! I got away for about 3 hours and was able to completely disconnect and feel no guilt whatsoever. Heaven, I tell ya!

Also, the last 5 nights, Ellen has slept really great. 4 of the 5, I was only up once. The 5th night, I was up twice. She woke up a few other times here and there but put herself back to sleep.

I’m still totally tired, because that’s the name of the game. But it is the kind of tired that is sustainable. The kind I don’t mind.

I probably jinxed everything by talking about it. But at least I’ve got 5 good sleeps stored up to get me through a few bad nights, if my luck has run out.

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