We’ve had a lot of good nights lately. A lot. And those good nights do a lot to get me through the bad nights. But some nights are so bad, nothing can prepare you.

Tonight is one such night.

I have been up with Ellen for all but 45 minutes of the last 4 hours. Why? No idea.

I fed her. She woke up when I put her down. I rocked her, I got out for 45 mins. I have rocked her to sleep no less than 5 times since coming back in. I fed her again. I let her fuss in her crib for 30 minutes.

I just gave her some Tylenol and I’m rocking her again.

The fatigue is hitting so hard my head is throbbing. It makes me nauseous. I’m also absolutely livid, which makes me feel guilty. And I’m sure it doesn’t exactly help me in my efforts to relax Ellen.

I wish I understood why sleep is so unpredictable. Then I would at least have some idea what to do. But I literally haven’t changed a thing, and I’m dealing with a terrible night. For over a week, it was great. And then wham.

In the interest of providing a balanced and true report of how things are around here, please observe some sweet pictures from yesterday. We had the most wonderful day together, sunshine and smiles galore.

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