A good one!

Last night, after I did literally nothing different, Ellen slept 7.25 hrs + 3.75 hours and then had to be awakened to get up for school.

All I can do is shake my head and accept the sleep when it comes. At this point, I’m convinced I’ve done all I can to lay the groundwork for Miss Ellen to get good sleep, and it is up to her whether or not she actually does it on any given night.

Ellen will be visiting the doctor tomorrow to get a quick once-over. She’s been sick for going on a month (ish? who can keep track anymore…), and her cough doesn’t seem to be getting better. I figure it has been long enough, we might as well let the doc take a peek at her just to be sure it isn’t anything more than a lingering cold. I’m 98% sure that’s exactly what it is, but that pesky 2% is driving me toward the doc. I’m comfortable being sent away with good news, but I’m not comfortable not going and missing something.

Lewis has been putting us through a “you win some, you lose some” pattern with potty training. Win: he woke up in the middle of the night last night to go potty. Lose: Over the weekend, he refused to go for so long (despite needing to) that he peed all over the floor when he finally gave in – got to the toilet, pulled his pants down, and didn’t have enough time to sit because he had to go so bad.

It’s been mostly wins, though!

We’re trying to move away from the little potty in favor of a “safety seat” on the normal toilet. Our first step was to make the kid potty downstairs disappear. The accident over the weekend seemed to be in protest of using the normal toilet, but he shaped up after that. He uses a normal toilet at daycare, so I see no reason we can’t get rid of the little potty upstairs soon too. We are definitely looking forward to not having to clean out the little potties anymore. It is so gross!

P.S. Remember when I thought Ellen was teething at 2 months old? She’s almost 7 months old and still has no teeth! Where are they?! haha



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