Well well well! Miss Ellen went to the doctor this morning, and my decision to take her in was not so dumb after all!

Sweet girl has some bum ears at the moment. The doctor called them “borderline infected”. What this actually means is she has an ear infection either on the way in or on the way out, but it is impossible to tell which.

So we have a prescription in-hand for antibiotics, but we’ve been instructed to wait a day or two to see if she gets better or worse and then make the call to get the meds or not. Seems logical to me!

I have a strong suspicion that the infection is on the way out, and I just missed the signs. She never had a fever, only tugged at her ears when she was tired, wasn’t super whiney or grumpy or fussy… and she didn’t even have consistently bad sleep! Those good nights mixed in threw me off the scent!

Essentially, she had none of the signs that Lewis always showed when he had his chronic ear infections. Ellen seems to be much more even-keeled about the whole thing than Lewis. The only thing she gets worked up over in life is when she is left with people other than me, Kyle, or daycare. Other than that? You’ve got to have a master’s degree in Ellen-behavior to detect if anything is wrong!

I’m very glad to know that, now. That will inform a lot of decisions about her wellness in the future. Subtle signals with this one!