7 months

ELLEN! What happened?! You’re 7 months old!

Let’s see… Ellen still seems to be hovering around 21.5 lbs. She has stalled out, which is A-OK, because I’m loving that she gets to wear this batch of clothes for a while. I didn’t think her weight gain would slow down until after she was mobile, but she is showing no signs of movement, yet here we are!

Our little Queen of Inertia is miles away from crawling – she still doesn’t even really like to roll over much. But her favorite thing in the world is jumping! She also loves to be held up so she can stand. She finds that activity very amusing.

Still no hints of teeth, either. I am not looking forward to the possibility of disrupted sleep due to teething, but I am kind of hoping she gets a few teeth soon because then she can try some more foods. Ellen loves to eat, and I’m having the best time playing and experimenting with her. I can’t wait for the culinary world to be even more accessible to her, because I think she’ll really have fun.

So far, she definitely seems to favor savory foods. Peas, eggs, and carrots top the list, but she also likes meat purees (ewwwww) and other “meals” pureed into goop. Bread with butter is a big hit, and beans are never turned down. As far as sweet items, she accepts bananas (with gusto!), mango, blueberry/oatmeal puree, yogurt, and amoxicillin (ha! thank goodness, makes giving her the meds for her ear infection easy!). I want to try giving her peanut butter soon, but my nerves keep stopping me. The doctor said to try anytime, and that early introduction can actually prevent peanut allergies. But man… it is a little scary!

Ellen’s list of people who aren’t “strangers” keeps growing, slowly but surely. The new daycare teacher has made the cut, and so has Kyle. My mom and Kyle’s mom are almost acceptable – I don’t think it will be long now!

Proud of my darling girl. Love her with every piece of me, even though she exhausts me with the sleep stuff sometimes!

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