Gone… and fishing

Is Ellen’s ear infection gone? I have my doubts. We have 3 more days of antibiotics, but a week in, I would expect improved sleep and significantly less ear-tugging. If anything, her ear-tugging has gotten worse!

I think I’ll take her into the doc to check that the meds worked. We used to do that with Lewis because his ear infections were so chronic and sometimes wouldn’t clear up with the first round of antibiotics. Maybe Ellen has a resistant strain?

In other news… the kids ate fish tonight! Well, we all did. I made fish tacos with cabbage, pickled onions, salsa crema, and avocado, and they were delicious.

The best part is that Lewis at a whole one plus a side of cheesy refried beans. By his standards, a damn feast! When you can get him to focus, he is a lot of fun to feed, because he isn’t picky and loves new flavors.

Ellen ate tiny bites of fish, beans, and avocado. My little burgeoning eater is really showing a preference towards chewable chunks vs purees, and a serious aversion to anything coming at her on a spoon or fork. But if you put it in her mouth with your fingers, she’ll eat anything!

Based on that, I would predict that Ellen will be an eager eater with her hands when she is coordinated enough. Quite different from her brother, who never has liked to eat with his hands much, because he doesn’t like to be messy!

Proud of my tiny humans and their adventurous palettes! Makes cooking rewarding, on the occasions I actually do it.

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