I’m about to get real with y’all for a moment. I want to talk postpartum briefly, because it doesn’t end 6 or 12 weeks after birth. It isn’t over when the wounds heal – it drags out!

I’m 7 months postpartum and my body is still a squishy reminder of Ellen’s first home. I haven’t lost a pound in the last month (thanks Oreos!). But I have lost a lot of hair.

Postpartum hair loss is crazy town, and the real subject of this post. I started losing my luscious pregnancy locks about 5 months after birth, and it is still falling out in handfuls. Please observe my baldspot below.

I have a cute (read: not cute) red mole right where I’ve gone completely bald. I try to comb over it most of the time so it isn’t so obvious, but it’s getting hard!

Our poor drains are all clogged, I have to clean out my hair brush weekly, and our bathroom floor might as well be carpeted. It’s rough, people!

I know it will go back to normal – Some of the hair has already started growing back! But the result in the interim is a halo of baby hairs and some fun little sideburns.

The glamour of motherhood knows no bounds!!

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