Working mom life

I am smack dab in the middle of the craziest week of the year at our house – the boys’ birthday week. This year, it even has a little bonus Easter on top!

It’s a fun week, but it’s chaotic. Between 3 birthdays (5 parties total, 3 of which I planned/am planning) and Easter, we are also juggling 2 dentist appointments, 2 doctor appointments, 2 PT appointments, spending time with 4 out of town guests, the cleaning lady coming, and work + normal life.

It’s mayhem. I can hardly think past the next thing to see what’s coming next! But I am making it work!

Here is a little taste of how this working mom handled today:

  1. Up with Ellen twice at night + up for the day at 6am
  2. Showered, then got Lewis dressed and ready while I was also getting myself dressed
  3. Fed two kids + myself
  4. Kids to daycare
  5. Work
  6. Call to arrange catering for Saturday bday party during lunch
  7. Begin applying for life insurance during lunch
  8. Call and schedule more physical therapy appointments during lunch
  9. Work
  10. Get call from insurance company and apply for life insurance over the phone while I am working (serious multi tasking!)
  11. Work
  12. Stop at target for urgent purchases
  13. Pick up kids
  14. Cook for entire family while simultaneously loading the dishwasher
  15. Feed both kids and myself (at least Kyle is capable/willing to feed himself! Win!)
  16. Sort and start laundry
  17. Bathe infant
  18. More laundry
  19. Feed infant again and put infant to bed
  20. Empty dishwasher
  21. Get ready for bed and then get back up 5 mins later to comfort screaming infant
  22. More laundry on the way back to bed
  23. Next – sleep maybe?

And that’s real life for me. I have had to maximize every minute lately to get everything done. It’s a beautiful, fun-filled, special time. But I am looking forward to getting through this weekend. After that, at least, there won’t be any parties for a while, which leaves more time to handle all that other stuff that doesn’t go away!


2 thoughts on “Working mom life

  1. only 23 list items??? come on you can do better than that 😉 J/K you rock mama, keep up the good work…PS – sleep when you die, HA!


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