Adventures in infants and toddlers

We’ve been adventuring on at our house. For the most part, life is back to “normal”, meaning that all of the extra excitement of celebrations and visitors is over and done with. But “normal” means different things on different days – there is always something to keep you on your toes!

Lewis was literally on his toes last weekend at his first dance class. It is a jazz, ballet and tap combo class. But really, it is just a bunch of kids jumping around. Either way, it is super sweet, and Lewis loved it!

Lewis’ other recent adventure came last night – He woke up screaming (20 mins after I fell asleep, of course!). It was like nothing I’ve ever heard from him before. He was screaming at the very top of his lungs, like he was injured. When he wasn’t screaming, he was yelling, “I’m siiiiiick! I’m siiiiiick!”

It turned out that his leg hurt so badly it had woken him up, and he figured that if he was in pain, he must be sick. I suspect a calf cramp, probably due to running around and riding his bike and mommy and daddy not giving him enough water (oops! mom guilt!) before bed. It took about 20 mins of both me and Kyle comforting him, a dose of tylenol, and me rubbing his back until he fell back asleep, whispering how brave he was over and over, but he did eventually fall asleep and sleep the rest of the night.

As he was drifting off, he said his throat hurt… that’s how powerful his screams were!!!

He was fit as a fiddle this morning, but he remembered “the event”. No calls from daycare so far today about him complaining of leg pain, so I stand by my diagnosis of a leg cramp. Poor dude! And poor mommy and daddy too. He really scared us!

Ellen’s current adventures are mostly in rolling over and solid foods. For some reason, she has stopped accepting solid foods from me. She’ll eat them at daycare, and she makes attempts at feeding herself (but, though she is getting there, she’s still not quite coordinated enough), but anytime I offer her a spoon or a chunk of something, she swats in front of her face wildly with both hands while tucking her chin into her neck. There is nothing I can do to get any food in her!

She still breastfeeds like a champ, but I was thinking we’d be starting to swing more towards solids here in the near future!

Even after going through this game once before with Lewis and learning that there is no one exact way for things to play out, I can’t stop myself from thinking that Ellen should be doing xy&z – in this case, she should be eating more solids by now.

I am working on letting up on myself and trying to take away some of the pressure of the “shoulds”, because Ellen is clearly thriving and completely fine and normal! But even in the moments where I am able to go easier on myself, I do get frustrated. I was having so much fun with Ellen and solids, and it is a big bummer that she won’t let me participate now!

Oh well!

Ellen’s sleep is still hit-or-miss, leading to occasional fatigue-induced meltdowns on my part. But Kyle is being extra supportive, and whatever he can’t help me with, caffeine takes care of. So we’re rockin’ and rollin’ over here!

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