I love being a mom.

I’m toast. Ellen was so sick this week that I had to miss two days of work. I was so sick overnight last night that I missed the entire night of sleep. Lewis threw a 30 minute tantrum over God knows what earlier. There are piles of laundry everywhere – both clean and dirty – and every time I do the dishes there are enough left over to fill a second dishwasher.

Not to mention the cleaning lady couldn’t come this week because of Ellen being home sick, so my house is not just cluttered, it is actually dirty.

I’m so tired and overwhelmed that I don’t really understand how I can feel this happy. But I’m sitting here, rocking my daughter to sleep for her morning nap, and I am. I’m happy. And I love my babies. And my sweet husband. And this life we have together. It’s a mess, but it’s so good.