3 Months

Ellen turned 3 months yesterday. It also happened to be Thanksgiving, so while I did get her 3 month picture taken, I did not have time to write a post.

Here she is! Our sweet little angel.
According to our bathroom scale, she is about 18 lbs. She will smile at just about anything. Sometimes it almost sounds like she is giggling, so I think that milestone must be just around the corner. She is getting really good at holding her head up and steady both being held upright/sitting, and during tummy time. And she is starting to hate tummy time less now that her face isn’t smashed into the ground.

This past week, we found a bottle that Ellen doesn’t turn down, so daycare is going better than ever, and my mama heart is feeling more at peace.

Ellen still sleeps like an infant, waking 2 times most nights, but sometimes more (or less!). I’m holding up just fine in the fatigue department thanks to going to bed early, falling asleep quickly, and Ellen going back to sleep easily after nighttime feedings. Glad to have an “average” sleeper this time around (so far).

Things are good around here in general. Lewis is being treated for pink eye and has some sort of dormant bacteria in his throat that the doctor said might stay dormant or cause more problems (like ear infections – yikes!). So we’re on alert for fevers and complaints.

Both kids were amazing during big family celebrations on Wednesday and Thursday where they were out way past their bedtimes. Kyle and I were so proud we could burst, and it was so nice to be able to enjoy the time with family without being completely stressed by wrangling the kids.

Best part of the holiday? 5 more of my family members got to meet Ellen. Up until this week, only my mom had met her. Now 6 of my relatives know her, including both my brothers. That was so special for me that I shed a couple tears.

Funny side note – I asked Kyle what his favorite part of Thanksgiving dinner was, and we both agreed that it was the fact that Ellen slept while we ate, and that Lewis actually ate some dinner without putting up a fight. Long gone are the days where our favorite part would be “the stuffing” or “the wine”. Ha!

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