Today I took a couple steps towards normalcy!

The first is that my new (gigantic) pants arrived in the mail. They’re NORMAL PANTS, people! With buttons! And zippers! And pockets!!! I kept all my pre-pregnancy pants, but with all the weight I gained this time around, I definitely don’t fit into those yet. So these will be my interim pants, and even though they’re a very large size that makes me cringe, I feel pretty fabulous in them!

The fall weather here in Portland has also been absolutely perfect, 60’s to 70’s, crystal clear skies. It’s really a slice of heaven. Today marks the first day of about a week of this weather. So I took my “workout” outside! I have been doing little aerobic things inside, along with some hand-weight stuff. Really light exercise. Today I took a walk with Ellen. This was my first walk without a toddler since giving birth, so it was a quicker pace, and my goodness. I am feeling it! Getting my body  moving in a way it hasn’t in a loooooong time felt wonderful, and my lower abs (of all things!) are aching now. But it feels really good. It’s that ache that lets you know you did something good for your body. I love it!

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