Look how much fun it is to own a house! This is our flooded basement. Because, as the weatherman said, we’re enduring a “firehose” of rain right now.

See why finishing our basement is so far out of reach financially? I don’t even want to guess how much it would take to waterproof that sucker. But… if I did guess, I’d guess they would suck $5-10k out of us for it. Guessing is fun.

So in the meantime, I’ll take comfort in the fact that most stuff in the basement was destined for goodwill and won’t be missed, or is home-improvement related (and thus intended for getting wet and dirty). Bye bye, stuff. Enjoy your bath.

UPDATE: We sucked 10 gallons of water out of the basement with our shop vac after relocating everything that was camping out in the sea. For once, I actually mean “we” when referring to who did a house project. I totally helped. And it was gross. And spider-y. But we knocked that out together! Of course, it is still raining, so we need to do it again at some point. But at least our stuff has been moved out of the way!

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