New “normal”

Let’s start with the good news – The doctor didn’t make me come in to get checked out because of all the contractions! I’m so happy to avoid an extra trip to the doctor, especially with two appointments coming up next week. That seems like plenty.

The bad news? The general consensus is that, while there is nothing to be alarmed about whatsoever (unless things change – and I have a list of things to watch for), we just have to consider this my new “normal” for this pregnancy.

So basically, this pregnancy now means intermittent dizziness and difficulty breathing, along with contractions basically every time I move. And a long list of “things to watch for”, AKA constantly being on high-alert.

The only thing that helps both of my “conditions” is to lay down on my side, which is obviously not possible to do all the time since, well… I am a mother and I work. Plus they’re making me hydrate like crazy, which means I have to get up to pee every 2 seconds. You simply cannot combine hydrating with resting when you’re pregnant! It just doesn’t work!

This isn’t ideal. If I got to pick what my “pregnancy-normal” would look like, this would definitely not be it. But Baby Girl seems to be super happy in my big ole belly, and as long as that stays true, I can work with this “normal”.

That being said, I do reserve the right to be a little emotional during the adjustment phase. I know I can work with this, but I just don’t know what “working with it” is going to look like yet. So I’m feeling a little overwhelmed while I process the fact that I’m basically going to feel unpredictably unwell and that I must constantly be analyzing whether things have worsened for the next 3-ish months.

Anyway…the pity party will end when I figure all of this out. In the meantime, I’m trying my darndest to forget the rest and just be grateful I’m not at the hospital right now!

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