Kiddo is awake and sad again. Trying a new strategy tonight that seems good so far – Gave him more tylenol and a big cup of milk. He is chugging the milk, and snuggling with the cup when he isn’t drinking. He is so content! Maybe it will translate to falling back asleep quickly.

In an effort to be a little more positive, I’d like to distract myself from the fact that I’m awake by listing some good things that have happened lately:

1. Lewis grew out of some clothes. This hasn’t happened in about 8 months, and it is very exciting! The brand/size he grew out of goes up to 23 lbs. I imagine that means we’re up to 23 lbs. Which would be amazing!

2. I can now sleep on my stomach again. For the first time in nearly 2 years, my favorite sleeping position is comfortable again. No belly or boobs taking it away from me.

3. I got fitted for a new bra by a pro, and I have very happy breasts. I purchased one nice bra, and it has been worth every penny so far.

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