Murphy’s Law

We all know that Sunday night/all day Monday were prime examples of Murphy’s Law in action in our family.

We seem to be suffering under the curse of Murphy’s Law the whole week so far..

Take last night, for example: after kiddo refused most of his dinner, we decided to go for a walk to the park. When we were loading up for the walk, I consciously thought to myself, “I’m not going to bring the changing pad? What’s the point? We won’t be gone long.”

I think you can see where I’m going with this…

It was literally the only time I have ever gone to the park without a diaper/the changing pad. And it was literally the only time I needed it – The first blowout Lewis has had in probably 6 months. Sorry, kid. No swings for you.

Kyle sacrificed his undershirt as a buffer between the poo-splosion and the stroller (so much easier to wash a shirt than the stroller!), and we went home for emergency laundry and baby clean-up.

Another Murphy’s Law event: We leave for California for my Grandad’s funeral tomorrow. And… the kid has a cold. Peeeeerfect.

Murphy’s Law says that “anything that can go wrong, will go wrong”. I plan to combat its effects on the California trip through careful planning and preparation. I started packing last night, and we are going to have every eventuality covered. If I’m prepared for it, then it can’t “go wrong”, and Murphy’s Law will not apply.

Take THAT, universe!!!

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