Decided on a financial step: bye bye Blue Apron deliveries.

We’ll get our last one tomorrow, and then we’re on our own. I’m not terribly sad about this loss. I’d been pondering cancelling for a while. It has been fun, but we were already skipping a lot of deliveries due to the complexity of some of the recipes, and the lack of time in our lives to dedicate to cooking. And it looks like it is easy to restart deliveries if we ever feel like we can afford it again!

After the last clothing delivery, I also decreased my frequency of Stitch Fix deliveries to once every other month. I may decrease it even further two once every 3 months, but Stitch Fix is harder to imagine parting with. It is such a special luxury, and I don’t have a lot of those.

Anyway… we’ll figure this out. We always do.

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